The Louisville Herald-Post newspaper was created when James Buckner Brown (1872-1940) purchased the Louisville Herald and Louisville Post in January 1925 and merged them into a single newspaper. Brown, a Louisville banker and politician, sought to operate the Herald-Post as an alternative to the Louisville Times and Louisville Courier-Journal, which were both owned by the Bingham family. The Herald-Post went bankrupt in 1936. The newspaper's photo morgue was then donated to the Louisville Free Public Library where it was used extensively as a research collection before being accessioned by the University of Louisville Photographic Archives in 1994.

The Herald-Post digital collection contains 3815 images (including one with recto and verso),featuring portraits of prominent Louisvillians and Kentuckians at work and at play, as well as scenes of business and industry; government; homes; places of worship; community organizations; parks; sports; and transportation. These images document daily activities and special events that contribute to the history of Louisville and the surrounding region.

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