The Claude C. Matlack Collection documents the formative years of a mountain settlement school in Oneida, Kentucky, and provides a poignant look at life in the Cumberland Mountains of Clay County between 1903 and 1916. The collection also includes pictures taken in the photographer's hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, plus a few scenes from Indiana and Colorado.

The Claude C. Matlack Collection, accession number 1982_001 in the Photographic Archives, University of Louisville (Louisville, Kentucky, 40292), includes 232 negatives and 672 original prints with 668 distinct images in the physical collection. About two-thirds of both items and images are associated with Oneida and Clay County. This digital collection contains scans of 44 negatives and 617 original prints. Every image in the physical collection is presented at least once in the digital collection in either print or negative format depending on which was judged to be in better condition. Because two images are combined in a diptych and three others form a panoramic triptych, the digital collection has 661 items.

Works (661)

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  ULPA 1982_001_751 2021-10-28 Public
  ULPA 1982_001_630 2021-10-28 Public
  ULPA 1982_001_618 2021-10-28 Public
  ULPA 1982_001_150 2021-10-28 Public
  ULPA 1982_001_311 2021-10-27 Public
  1982_001_542_543_544 2021-10-27 Public
  ULPA 1982_001_096 2021-10-27 Public
  ULPA 1982_001_680ab 2021-10-27 Public
  ULPA 1982_001_054 2021-10-27 Public
  ULPA 1982_001_052 2021-10-27 Public