Edwin Vivian Thompson and Ida Belle Halbreath Thompson. Public Deposited

Rectangle containing the name "Edwin Vivian and Ida Belle Halbreath Thompson" and the quotation "There is no such as bad weather - only different kinds of good weather" with "Ruskin" as the attribution. The text is surrounded by an elaborate decorative rectangular frame. Dark orange or red ink. Signed Ainslie Hewett with four-digit year.

Item number
  • ULAL Thompson, Edwin Vivian
Creator role
  • bookplate designer
People represented
Date original
  • 1913
  • eng
Object type
  • 9.6 x 7.6 cm. bookplate. Folder: Bookplates - Thompson, Edwin Vivian, #35, in Ainslie Hewett (1880-1963) Collection, University of Louisville Margaret M. Bridwell Art Library.
Collection information
  • University of Louisville Margaret M. Bridwell Art Library
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