University of Louisville class of 1893. Public Deposited

University of Louisville medical department 1893 - Composite photograph for the University of Louisville school of medicine in Louisville, Kentucky, of faculty and graduating students for the medical school class of 1893. Oval-shaped grouping of individual oval-shaped portraits of students marked with a number from one to one hundred and seventy, which corresponds to the student's name and home state in the legend. Larger oval-shaped portraits in the center of faculty marked with a letter from A to U, which corresponds to the faculty member's name and degree in the legend. Text at bottom: Wybrant, Photo. Louisville, Ky. Names as listed on photograph--Faculty (A-U): D.W. Yandell, J.M. Bodine, E.R. Palmer, Wm. Bailey, H.A. Cottell, W.O. Roberts, Turner Anderson, J.A. Ouchterlony, R.B. Gilbert, H.M. Goodman, Ewing Marshall, D.T. Smith, J.M. Ray, William L. Rodman, John G. Cecil, Thomas S. Bullock, John L. Howard, James S. Chenoweth, Thomas L. Butler, Charles G. Lucas, D.L. Washburne. Students (1-170): J.A. Bodine, H.R. Cannon, H.S. McElmurry, R. Bolling, L.E. Rupert, O.A. Lett, R.J. Preston, R.C. Wait, G.P. Daniel, G.E. Bryan, E.N. Rice, H.C. Sharp, J.E. Parker, W.E. Risque, W.T. Athey, W.W. Goldman, L.J. Sigler, T.D. Simons, J.W. McMahan, J.E. Johnson, H.B. Coyle, F.M. Beard, J.W. Benners, B. Littleplage, R. Taggart, J.P. Stewart, J. Schaick, A.A. McClendon, J.B. Gray, R.M. Recobs, J.L. Jennings, E.B. Mitchel, A.J. Campbell, S.B. Crume, F.W. Casto, W.W. Huber, G.T. Erely, J.L. Liles, J.C. Barker, S.E. Luckett, W.J. Karlsioe, R.E. Thacker, W.J. Welton, B. Walsh, R.A. Kendall, T.P. Minton, H.Q. White, J.M. Woodwall, T.E.K. Dihel, A.E. Knoefel, A.S. Pollock, E.W. Logan, A. McGauhey, J.A. Rucker, H. Long, F.M. Shippard, E.W. Tisdale, P.R. Bascot, C. Staats, S.L. Givan, G.F. Cline, J.H. Baugh, T.H. Woods, J.F. Milton, J.O. Blockerby, S.L. Halsell, H.J. Phillips, L.B. Smith, F.N. Cloyd, W.T. Gaines, J.M. Rappold, J.G. Griffiths, E.V. Seay, A.J. Murchison, J.J. Thomas, M.J. Yeaman, W.P. Blanton, M.C. Hawkins, S.H. Thomas, J.E. Martin, W.M. Longstreth, R.M. Jones, J.W. Head, L.R. Veech, J.A. Acton, J.B. Rone, E.T. Dunaway, J.B. Tichenor, A.H. Knox, O.M. McCary, T.M. Henderson, W.H. Galbreath, P.H. Chilton, McKessler, O.E. Bloch, C.M. McDonald, F.S. Casto, D.A. Campbell, W.E. Fritschle, H.M. Bonnell, O.M. Stone, H.G. Sanders, W.B. Weeks, G. Langsford, O.C. Grieps, J.A. Brady, C.W. Denny, G.E. Denny, W.T. Buckner, W.T. Farley, W.A. Ewing, L.B. Sowell, O. Davis, G. Lawrence, O.C. Wainscott, S.G. Cain, H. Gray, J.R. Anderson, G.D. Lillard, A.S. Faulkner, J.A. Sharp, E.N. Rice, J.V. Capel, L.W. Paynter, W.M. Hardin, W.R. Moss, W.B. Wallin, R.A. Richard, D.S. Allhands, R.C. Smith, W.T. Phillps, C.H. Haberer, W.N. Bradford, W.E. Vaughn, E. Chambers, W.A. Sackette, H.F. Alexander, A.C. Waldrep, W.M. Lavin, J.W. Walker, H. Marquisce, W.A. Keller, J.M. Wheat, S.J. Smoek, M. Board Jr., J.R. Hunter, J.A. Neal, S.W. Slubeville, G.W. Shaun, R.C. Rogers, J.H. McKinney, O.A. Trenckman, C.W. Trodge, J.R. Regan, R.T. Hogg, T.C. Herth, H.D. Hatfield, R. Roll, G. Sandler, R.R. Lemaster, J.W. Lowry, T.M. Hagan, J.A. Toliver, L.T. Green, T.D. Nutter, T.E. Abernathy, W.J. Gray, J.M. Reesor, B.G. Magness.

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  • ULHL UofL_1893
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  • photographer
  • Faculty, Medical
  • Students, Medical
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  • 1893
  • eng
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  • 25 x 30, 27 x 17, or 22 x 17 in. b&w photographic print. University of Louisville School of Medicine Class photographs, pre-1923, Kornhauser Health Sciences Library.
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  • University of Louisville Kornhauser Health Sciences Library
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