André Jeunet, French military training postcard, World War I. Public Deposited

Photographic postcard of André Jeunet, wearing the uniform of France's 69e Régiment d’Infanterie, poses in front of evergreen trees. The picture was taken in July, 1915 near the end of his military training in Autun, France. Other copies were mailed to his family, but Jeunet saved this one and inscribed it in 1920. Handwritten in red on the verso by André Jeunet: "Jougne 5 September 20" and "'Au seuil des grandes miserès' (Sur un vieil air d'autrefois)." According to the note in parentheses, the quote, which is about being at the start, or on the threshold, of great misery, is from an old song. At the bottom of the card, handwritten by someone else, is "date correcte de cette photo Autun (5 Juillet) 1915" indicating the photograph of Jeunet in his military uniform was taken near the conclusion of his training for World War I, and more than five years before his comment was written.

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  • ULPA 2010_003_001
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  • collector
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  • 1915 - 1920
  • fre
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  • 3 x 5.5 in. b&w photographic postcard Scans no. ULPA 2010.003.001 in the André Jeunet Collection, University of Louisville Photographic Archives.
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  • University of Louisville Photographic Archives
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