Search Digital Collections by typing in the box at the top of the page and clicking "Go." 

The search assumes a Boolean "AND"  that is, it will identify records containing all words typed in the box. Enclose two or more terms in quotation marks to search them as a phrase, if the order or combination matters.

The search results will include the typed term(s) as well as others with the same stem (e.g. dance will also retrieve danced, dancer, and dancing).

Exclude a term from the search with minus (-). For example, walnut -street returns results for walnut, but excludes any occurrence of the word street.

Capitalization does not affect search.

Sort and configure search results using the dropdown boxes above the records resulting from the search. Refine search results using faceted controlled vocabulary provided under "Browse Items" at left.


Browse Digital Collections by people, places, decades, collections, repositories, object types, and subjects using the dropdown boxes (facets) at the left. Use multiple facets to narrow search results as needed.


From the search results page, click on the bookmark icon at right to save the record for review. Saved records can be retrieved from the Bookmarks link in the menu aligned with the search box. Please note that bookmarks will clear automatically when you close the browser window.


Share a record using the Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr icons beneath the viewer on the left side of the record.


Export a citation of the record using the Citations dropdown beneath the viewer on the left side of the record.


See the Terms link in the menu at the top of the page for information about ordering reproductions of materials found in Digital Collections.